DB-S15WD【NISSAN S15 Silvia WONDER ボディーセット】¥13,800(税別)

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リアルなボディー造形で高い実績を誇る Addiction社とのコラボレーション第2弾は、ドリフトで絶大な人気を誇る NISSAN S15 SILVIA WONDERです。
大迫力のスタイリングをリアルに再現した、NISSAN S15 SILVIA WONDERボディーを是非お試し下さい!

※画像は完成見本です。製品は未塗装のポリカーボネートボディーとなり、 走行までには塗装と組立てが必要です。

■全幅:フロント 198mm / リア 193mm
ボディー本体(フロントバンパー、リアバンパー分割式)、エアロパーツ、ウイングパーツ、オーバーフェンダー(2mm幅、4mm幅)、インナーライトパーツ、WRAP-UP社製 3Dデカール、マスキングシート、説明書

DB-S15WD【 NISSAN S15 Silvia WONDER Body Set 】13,800 JPY

The second collaboration with Addiction has been completed.
The S15 Silvia, which is very popular in real car drifting, has been reproduced with amazing specifications.
In order to reproduce Wonder Aero’s impressive design in every detail, the model consists of a three-part body (front, rear, and main) and an aero parts set are in addition.
The two-stage rear wing and rectifying fins on various parts of the car body are also precisely reproduced.
The standard car width is 198mm at the front and 193mm at the rear, but two types of over fenders, +2mm and +4mm, are also standard bundled.
Please try the Nissan S15 Silvia Wonder Body Set, which faithfully reproduces the impressive WONDER styling.

■Length: 473.9mm
■Width: Front 198mm / Rear 193mm
※Separately included 2mm and 4mm wide polycarbonate over fender parts on each side.
■Height: 121.2mm
■Wheelbase: 258mm
<Product details>
Clear body shell (front bumper, split type rear bumper), aero parts, Over fender (2mm width, 4mm width), inner light parts, WRAP-UP 3D decal, masking sheet, instruction manual

The product supplied is an unpainted polycarbonate body.
Painting and assembly are required before running.
Chassis, mirrors, interior, muffler, etc. are not included as standard.

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