RD-004【ドライカーボン製 フロントバンパー】¥3,200

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軽量/高剛性なドライカーボン素材を採用した フロントバンパーです。


アルマイト後の面取(シャイニー エッジ)加工に Rêve D ロゴを刻印した美しい表側の面と、メカニカルにデザインされた裏側の面を お好みに応じてご使用頂けます。

YD-2シリーズの他、YD-2シリーズとフロント形状が同じシャーシであれば メーカーを問わず使用可能です。


RD-004【 Dry Carbon made Front Bumper 】3,200 JPY

Front bumper made of lightweight and highly rigid dry carbon material!

The lighter weight front overhang increases the rotational performance and minimizes time lost when transitioning and also increases the acceleration at the corner exit. The high rigidity of the dry carbon material ensures that the body posts are securely fixed even without an upper bumper brace.

The included hard anodized aluminum plate is reversible. The Rêve D logo and the beautifully chamfered surface or the machine cut surface can be used as desired for 2 different looks!

In addition to the YD-2 series, any chassis with the same shape front mount as the YD-2 series can be used regardless of the manufacturer. Please try and feel the advanced driving performance by reducing the weight of front section with dry carbon products.

* Please note, a cushioning bumper mechanism has not been included with this product, please use a foam bumper or other similar product if you prefer this option.

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