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M2-002【MC-Ⅱ用 カーボン製 メインシャーシ】¥10,000(税別)

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【MC-Ⅱ】用 カーボン製 メインシャーシです。


M2-002【MC-Ⅱ Graphite Main Chassis】\10,000 (without tax)

Carbon main chassis for [MC-II].
Applied 2.5mm thick carbon material. It is a completely original design that achieves weight reduction while maintaining high rigidity.
The rear gear case / motor mount is placed a few millimeters forward / upward by using an optional spacer together.
By optimizing the installation angle of the rear universal shaft, it contributed to the active operation of the suspension and realized easy traction control.
Milling is applied to the front of the chassis to optimize the rigidity around the front.
It is the main chassis that supports a wide range of road surface conditions, from low-grip colored concrete / P tile road surfaces to relatively high-grip
asphalt / carpet road surfaces.

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