RD-011FS/FH 【R-tune 2WS フロントスプリング(ソフト/ハード)】各¥820(税別)

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圧倒的なコントロール性能で大好評の 2WS(ツーウェイショート)フロントスプリングに R-tuneシリーズ が加わりました!

オールラウンドな特性を持つ RD-006F 2WS フロントスプリングに対して、R-tuneシリーズは「勝つための競技用スプリング」がコンセプト。

・ソフト識別用 熱収縮チューブ色:ブルー
・ハード識別用 熱収縮チューブ色:レッド
高次元のグリップ力と至高のコントロール性能を備えた 新世代 R-tune フロントスプリングで RCドリフトの頂点を目指して下さい!









♦RD-011FS:R-tune 2WS フロントスプリング(ソフト、2個入)¥820(税別)
♦RD-011FH:R-tune 2WS フロントスプリング(ハード、2個入)¥820(税別)

RD-011FS/FH 【R-tune 2WS Front Spring(Soft/Hard)】

Introducing the R-tune series for the 2WS (two-way short) style front spring.
The design has been very popular due to its overwhelming control performance!
Compared to the current RD-006F 2WS front spring, which has all-round characteristics, the concept of the newly released R-tune series is “a competition spring to win.”
By adopting a new “SWO” material and making it easier to induce initial subduction even at higher spring rates.
Control performance and response time, especially on rebound has been greatly improved. There are two types in the lineup, “soft” and “hard”.
Aimed at the pinnacle of RC drifting, the new generation R-tune front springs with high level grip and supreme control performance!

0mm (RD-007-0)or 2mm (RD-007-2)Retainer is recommended for installing under the spring

<Example of using the 2-way short front spring>

If the lower part of the spring is in contact with the spring seat (to create high grip) The coils are positively induced by setting the wider part of the spring coils upwards. The front grip is always effective from the beginning to the end of the corner. Setting for low grip road surface such as color concrete and P tile.



If the contact lines are setup on the shock collar (to lower the grip) excessive roll is suppressed, we recommend using this setting when the front grip is too much. This is a setting for track surfaces such as asphalt, higher grip P tiles, and carpets.



♦RD-011FS:R-tune 2WS Front Spring(Soft、2pce)Price without tax:¥820
♦RD-011FH:R-tune 2WS Front Spring(Hard、2pce)Price without tax:¥820





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