D1-202A【RDX用 アルミ製 ベルクランクセット】¥6,800(税別)

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RDX用アルミ製 ベルクランクセットです!
各エッジ部にはSE (シャイニーエッジ) 加工を施し高級感も向上させます。
本製品の性能を存分にご堪能いただくために、高精度に切削加工された D1-414T SPMチタン製 キングピンの同時装着をお勧めします!

D1-202A【RDX Alu. Bell Crank set 】¥6,800(excluding tax)

This is an Aluminum bell crank set for RDX!
The use of lightweight and highly rigid aluminum material greatly increases the rigidity of the front area. By increasing the rigidity of the material itself and installing a bell crank that has been processed with high precision, the steering response performance will also become sharper.
SE (Shiny Edge) processing is applied to each edge to improve the sense of luxury.
The product is a set of center link and bell crank (left and right) and has the same shape as the genuine parts, so you can experience improved performance just by installing it without any troublesome settings. To fully enjoy the performance of this product, we recommend installing the highly precisely machined D1-414T SPM titanium king pin!

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