D1-010FA【RDX用 アルミ製 フロントアクスル(4.0mm、2個入)】¥2,480(税別)

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RDX用 アルミ製 フロントアクスルです!
エッジ部にはSE (シャイニーエッジ) 加工を施し高級感も向上します。
ホイールオフセットは 4.0mmを採用。
オフセット調整用にRD-005S2 ASLフロントアクスル用 2.0mmホイールスペーサーの装着が可能です。

D1-010FA【RDX Alu. Front Axle(4.0mm、2pcs.) 】¥2,480(excluding tax)

This is an Aluminum front axle for RDX!
By using lightweight and highly rigid aluminum material and integrating the highly precisely machined wheel hub with the axle, core shakes and play are minimized, and the “front rolling” that is essential for RWD drifting is greatly improved. All the edges are treated with SE (Shiny Edge) to improve the sense of luxury. The wheel offset is 4.0mm.
For the offset adjustment, RD-005S2 2.0mm wheel spacer for ASL front axle can be installed as well.

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