RE-BRV【RDスペック ブラシレスESC BREVE】¥34,800(税別)

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コンペティションでの勝利を求めるハイエンドユーザーを納得させる基本性能はもちろんの事、これからRCドリフトを始めるユーザーにもご使用いただけるようRêve D開発スタッフ 松崎 隼人監修のドリフト用 セッティングデータをプリインストール済、お手持ちのマシンに取付けてすぐ”BREVE”(ブレーヴ)の性能をご堪能頂けます。
頂点を目指すハイエンドユーザーから初心者までRCドリフトを楽しむ全てのユーザーにオススメする、RDスペック ブラシレスESC “BREVE”を是非お試しください!





■連続電流 :160A
■最大電流 :760A
■入力電圧 :2S-3S Li-Po
■BEC出力 :6.0V 7.4V / 4A(BEC Switch)
■製品寸法 :L 38 / W 30.5 / H 16.5mm
■設定変更 :スマートフォンを使用
■アプリサポート:Apple ios / Android
■防水 :非対応
■推奨車種 :1/10 ドリフト ラジコン



RE-BRV【RD Spec Brushless ESC BREVE 】¥34,800(excluding tax)

This is a premium ESC that combines high torque optimized for RC drifting, overwhelming power, and high controllability that responds linearly to throttle operation at a high level. In addition to the basic performance that satisfies high-end users who want to win in competitions, it also comes pre-installed with drift setting data supervised by Rêve D engineer Hayato Matsuzaki to make it easy to use even for beginners. You can enjoy the performance of “BREVE” immediately after installation. By connecting BREVE to a smartphone with the dedicated APP downloaded via Bluetooth, you can instantly change various data settings. ※Bluetooth is built-in and standard on “BREVE”
By organizing the setting categories into five categories: “GENERAL,” “THROTTLE,” “BRAKE,” “BOOST,” and “TURBO,” you can quickly find the item you want to update and easily set it using touch operations on your smartphone. The full aluminum casing with high heat dissipation is thin with a total height of 16.5mm, and has a built-in cooling fan to comfortably support long-distance drives. A removable push-type power switch and a large capacitor to suppress voltage drop are also included as standard. 14 gauge black silicone wires are also routed to the motor and battery terminals. From high-level customers aiming for the top to beginners, please try the RD spec brushless ESC “BREVE” recommended for all users who enjoy RC drifting!

If you are using an Apple smartphone, please tap the image below to download the app.

If you are using an Android smartphone, please tap the image below to download the app.

【Product specs】

■Continuous Current :160A
■Peak Current :760A
■Input Voltage :2S-3S Li-Po
■BEC Input :6.0V 7.4V / 4A(BEC Switch)
■Size :L 38 / W 30.5 / H 16.5mm
■Program Via :Smart Phone
■APP Support :Apple ios / Android
■Waterproof :Not Available
■ESC Applicable :1/10 Scale Drifting
■Accessories :Removable power switch、 Large capacity capacitor、 Cooling fan、 Pre-wired 14 gauge silicone wire

【Setup Sheet】

Download the blank setup sheet here
Please check the TAKAHIRO setup sheet here.

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