D1-003FC【RDX用 カーボン製 フロントアッパーブレース】¥2,680(税別)

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RDX用のカーボン製 フロントアッパーブレースです!
Rêve D開発チームが繰り返しテスト走行を行い、素材や厚み、形状にまで拘り開発したフロントアッパーブレースは、バルクヘッド上部に取付けることでフロント周りの剛性を大幅に向上させ、ドリフト時の安定性を飛躍的にアップさせます。
圧倒的なフロント剛性でドリフト時の安定性を向上させる、RDX用 カーボン製 フロントアッパーブレースを是非お試し下さい!

D1-003FC【RDX Carbon Front Upper Brace 】¥2,680(excluding tax)

Carbon front upper brace for RDX!
The front upper brace was developed by the Rêve D engineering team through repeated test runs, paying close attention to the material, thickness, and shapes.
By attaching it to the top of the bulkhead, it greatly improves the rigidity of the front section, and great improving stability when drifting.
Also the Body post mounting holes are prepared on both sides of the upper brace. By relocating the body post from the edge of the chassis, providing weight reduction at the front section and achieve more sharp handling.
Please try the carbon front upper brace for RDX, which improves stability during drifting with overwhelming front rigidity!

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