D1-203CR【RDX用 カーボン製 サーボロッド】¥1,980(税別)

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RDX用のカーボン製 サーボロッドです!

D1-203CR【RDX Carbon Servo Rod】¥1,980(excluding tax)

Carbon servo rod for RDX!
This option is used when changing the mounting position of the servo from the genuine front side to the rear of the chassis.
Moving the heavy servos to the rear of the chassis shifts the weight distribution of the car towards the rear, effectively increasing rear traction.
The lightweight and highly rigid carbon rod fully transmits the power of the servo to the bell crank, and both ends of the rod are provided with SE (shiny edge) processed aluminum screws. It also adds a touch of luxury.
Please try the carbon servo rod that changes the mounting position of the servo and contributes to the rear traction of the machine!

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