D1-008FUG【RDX用 グラファイト樹脂製 フロントアッパーアーム】¥1,200(税別)

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RDX用 グラファイト樹脂製 フロントアッパーアームです。
走行時のアライメント変化が減少することで、より精度の高いフロント コントロールが可能となります。
軽量&高剛性でRDXのサスペンション性能をアップさせる、RDX用グラファイト樹脂製 フロント アッパーアームを是非お試しください!

D1-008FUG【RDX Graphite Front Upper Arm 】¥1,200(excluding tax)

Front upper arm made of graphite is ready for RDX.
The front upper arm, which combines graphite with resin, promotes weight reduction and rigidity improvement around the front, which is important for RWD drift, and greatly improves suspension responsiveness.
In addition, by increasing the rigidity of the material itself, the precision of the parts has been further improved, and the change in shape when a load is applied is suppressed.
By reducing the alignment change during driving, it is possible to control the front with higher accuracy.
The product has the same shape as the genuine part, it is easy to install and there is no need to change the setting.
Please try the graphite molded front upper arm for RDX, which is lightweight and highly rigid and improves the suspension performance of RDX!

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