D1-202G【RDX用 グラファイト樹脂製 ベルクランク】¥1,800(税別)

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RDX用 グラファイト樹脂製 ベルクランクです。

D1-202G【Graphite Bell Crank 】¥1,800(excluding tax)

Graphite resin bell crank for RDX.
By blending graphite into the resin, it becomes lighter and more rigid than the genuine glass-blended bell crank, promoting weight reduction and rigidity improvement around the front.
By increasing the rigidity of the material itself, the accuracy of the parts is improved, and the steering response performance becomes sharper.
The product is a set of center link and bell crank (left and right) and has the same shape as the genuine part, so you can experience improved performance just by installing it without troublesome setting.

※The product is stamped with a G for identification purposes.

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