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D1-644【RDX/MC-1用 アルミ製 スパーギヤホルダーセット】¥2,100(税別)

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RDXとMC-1に装着可能な、アルミ製 スパーギヤホルダーです!
SE(シャイニー エッジ)加工を施した、軽量なアルミ製セパレートタイプのホルダーにスパーギヤを挟み アルミ製ナイロンナット1個で固定するセンターロック方式を採用。
ドレスアップにも最適な、アルミ製 スパーギヤホルダーセットを是非お試しください!!

D1-644【RDX/MC-1 Alu. Spur Gear Holder Set】¥2,100(excluding tax).

New aluminum spur gear holder that can be attached to RDX and MC-1!
It can be used when changing the spur gear from the RDX kit standard configuration.
The spur gear is sandwiched between a lightweight aluminum separate type holder with SE (Shiny Edge) processing, and it uses a center lock method that secures it with a single aluminum nylon nut.
The 4-point positioning method eliminates the need to worry about centering the spur gear, allowing for quick spur gear replacement.
Please try the aluminum spur gear holder set that will make the RDX run even better!

※This product has the same shape as the spur gear holder (M1-644) that comes standard with the MC-1,
However it is with SE processing and a pin attached.
Spur gear made by AXON is recommended.

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