D1-CGS01【RDX用 カーボン製 メインシャーシ&アッパーデッキセット】¥20,000(税別)

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D1-CG-MC1:カーボン製 メインシャーシ ¥12,000
D1-CG-UD1:カーボン製 アッパーデッキ ¥3,200
D1-CG-TD1:カーボン製 トップデッキ ¥1,800
D1-CG-ML1:アルミ製 アッパーデッキマウント(左側) ¥2,100
D1-CG-MR1:アルミ製 アッパーデッキマウント(右側) ¥2,100
D1-CG-LP1:アルミ製 リンクプレート ¥680
RC-A3655:アルミ製 スペーサー(3×6×5.5mm、4pcs.) ¥420

D1-CGS01【RDX Carbon Main Chassis & Upper Deck Set】¥20,000(excluding tax)

New carbon main chassis & upper deck set for RDX!

The main chassis and upper deck are made of 2.5mm thick twill carbon, with careful attention to detail such as shape, thickness, and lightening to optimize pitching and roll rigidity, raising the RDX’s driving performance to the next level.
There are two types of connections between the upper deck and battery holder: an aluminum link plate used when the kit’s genuine plastic resin top deck is installed, and a carbon top deck that increases the rigidity of the battery holder. are included, It will be allowing you to instantly adjust the traction balance of your machine.
You can also choose from four servo mounting positions, allowing you to create a setup that suits your course layout and driving style.

Please try the carbon main chassis and upper deck set that will dramatically improve the capability of your RDX!

※Only short type batteries can be installed horizontally.

【Spare parts】
D1-CG-MC1:Carbon Main Chassis ¥12,000(without tax)
D1-CG-UD1:Carbon Upper Deck ¥3,200(without tax)
D1-CG-TD1:Carbon Top Deck ¥1,800(without tax)
D1-CG-ML1:Alu. Upper Deck Mount(Left) ¥2,100(without tax)
D1-CG-MR1:Alu. Upper Deck Mount(Right) ¥2,100(without tax)
D1-CG-LP1:Alu. Link Plate ¥680(without tax)
RC-A3655:Alu. Spacer(3×6×5.5mm、4pcs.) ¥420(without tax)

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