D1-017S20【RDX用 アルミ製 フロントショックタワー スペーサー 2.0mm厚】¥620(税別)

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RDX用 アルミ製フロントショックタワー スペーサーです!
RDXの操縦性能をアップさせる、アルミ製 フロントショックタワー スぺーサー(2.0mm厚)を是非お試しください!!

D1-017S20 【RDX Alu. Front Shock Tower Spacer 2.0mm thickness】\620 (without tax)

New aluminum front shock tower spacer for RDX!
Raise the 2.0mm shock tower by sandwiching it between the front shock tower and bulkhead.
By raising the shock tower position, the damper piston position is lowered for positive roll-induced control.
Also, even if you use a spring with a higher rate than the front spring that is standard on the RDX, the suppleness of the shock movement will improve s teering operability.
Please try the aluminum front shock tower spacer to improve the handling performance of RDX!

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