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M1-302S05/302S10【MC-1用 カニスペーサーセット (0.5mm厚/1.0mm厚)】各¥1,280(税別)

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【MC-1】のギヤボックスの高さ調整に最適なアルミ製 カニスペーサーです!


◆M1-302S05:MC-1用 カニスペーサーセット0.5mm厚(2穴タイプ×2枚、1穴タイプ×4枚入) ¥1,280(税別)
◆M1-302S10:MC-1用 カニスペーサーセット1.0mm厚(2穴タイプ×2枚、1穴タイプ×4枚入) ¥1,280(税別)


M1-302S05/302S10【MC-1 Crab Spacer Set(0.5mm/1.0mm)】¥1,280(excluding tax)

Introducing a very unique product, Crab spacer forMC-1】,

The crab spacer, which has a crab claw-shape for ease of use enables you to adjust/remove by simply loosening the screws! You can easily change the settings to optimize the traction performance by adjusting the roll rigidity of the chassis according to the road surface condition you are driving! There are 2 versions, one for 【MC-1】 use and another for General use. The 【MC-1】 set consists of a set of spacers (dedicated 2-hole type and 1-hole type, total 6 pieces) perfect for adjusting the height of the gear case, altering driveshaft angles and upper mount positions.

Also available in a highly versatile 1-hole version that can be used in lots of different areas, we have prepared a set of 4 pieces in each thickness.

Please try the crab spacer series that can offer easy and quick changes to your car setup.

◆M1-302S05:MC-1 Crab Spacer Set(0.5mm)¥1,280(excluding tax)
◆M1-302S05:MC-1 Crab Spacer Set(1.0mm)¥1,280(excluding tax)
※The 2-hole type spacer is designed exclusively for the MC-1 gearbox.


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