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RC-KS105/KS110【カニスペーサー 1穴タイプ×4枚入(0.5mm厚/1.0mm厚)】各¥400(税別)

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ギヤボックスやサスマウントなどの高さ調整に最適なアルミ製 カニスペーサーです!


◆RC-KS105:カニスペーサー 0.5mm厚(1穴タイプ×4枚入) ¥400(税別)
◆RC-KS110:カニスペーサー 1.0mm厚(1穴タイプ×4枚入) ¥400(税別)

RC-KS105/KS110【Alu. Crab Spacer 1H type(0.5mm/1.0mm)】¥400
(excluding tax)

Introducing a very unique product, our Crab spacer series, constructed from aluminum and ideal for adjusting the height of gearboxes and suspension mounts!

The crab spacer, which has a crab claw-shape for ease of use enables you to adjust/remove by simply loosening the screws! You can easily adjust the gearbox height to optimize the roll rigidity according to the road surface condition, also be able to adjust the height of the suspension mount, adjust the clearance of parts, for your best driving.

The set consist of a highly versatile 1-hole version with 4 pieces for each thickness of 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm.

Please try the crab spacer series that can offer easy and quick changes to your car setup.

◆RC-KS105:Alu. Crab Spacer 1H type(0.5mm thickness,4pcs.)¥400(excluding tax)
◆RC-KS110:Alu. Crab Spacer 1H type(1.0mm thickness,4pcs.)¥400(excluding tax)

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