D1-003CA【RDX用 アルミ製 シャーシブレース(2個入)】¥3,200(税別)

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RDX用 アルミ製 シャーシブレースです。

D1-003CA【RDX Alu. Chassis Braces(2pcs.) 】¥3,200(excluding tax)

This is an Aluminum chassis brace for RDX.
The lightweight and highly rigid aluminum chassis brace increases rigidity in the pitching direction, creating a stronger kicking feel. It can be used as a setting item to adjust the rigidity of the front and rear chassis by attaching it to the front or rear of the chassis, and by attaching it to both the front and rear, the beautiful SE (Shiny Edge) design enhances the sense of ownership of the machine.
The product comes in 2 pieces.

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