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RT-012A 【SPMチタン製 ショックシャフト(3mm×28.3mm、4本入)】¥2,400(税別)

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大人気のSPM(スーパープレシジョンマシンカット)チタンシリーズに ショックシャフトが登場です!
特殊な表面加工にて滑らかに仕上げられたシャフト表面は、Oリングにも優しく、ダンパーの状態を長期間保つことが可能となります。 RD-015RS(ショック用 Oリング Type RS)との併用がおススメです!
お手持ちのダンパーの運動性能を著しく向上させるSPMチタン製 ショックシャフトを是非お試し下さい!

●本製品は、YOKOMO、OVERDOSE、TRF 製ダンパー推奨です。(AXON製ダンパーは推奨外です)
RD-015RS(ショック用 Oリング Type RS)を併用頂くことで、AXON製ダンパーにも使用可能となります。

RT-012A【SPM Titanium Shock Shafts Φ3mm, L=28.3mm, 4pcs., inc, E-Rings】¥2,400(without tax each)

A shock shaft is available in the popular SPM (Super Precision Machine Cut) titanium series!

The shock shaft is constructed from our lightweight high-rigidity titanium material with high-precision machining improves the dynamic performance of the damper and demonstrates smooth road surface tracking performance.
The shaft surface has been micro polished using a special treatment that not only makes them ultra-smooth but also easier on O-rings and can help maintain the damper condition for longer periods of time. Recommended for use with RD-015RS(Shock O-ring Type RS)!
In addition to the E-ring for mounting the pistons, the set also comes with a gap adjustment shim that can be used when using thinner pistons.

Please try the SPM Titanium shock shaft that significantly improves the kinetic performance of your damper!

【Please note】
●Although the surface of shaft will be dull after use, but this does not affect product quality.
●Recommended dampers are the one from YOKOMO, OVERDOSE, and TRF. (AXON dampers are not considered).
※By using RD-015RS(Shock O-ring Type RS) together, it can also be used for AXON dampers.

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