RD-006RS【HT リア スプリング(ソフト、2個入)】¥680(税別)

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Rêve D 開発チーム渾身の作! HT(High Traction)リア スプリング です!


■識別用 熱収縮チューブ色:ブルー

RD-006RS [HT rear spring (soft, 2 pieces)]  680 JPY

Rêve D developed HT (High Traction) rear spring! Four types are available!
Focusing not only on improving the grip in the horizontal direction, but also on the good kicking out in the vertical direction, we prepared four types (hard, medium hard, medium soft, and soft) of the coarse winding type.

<Main specifications of soft spring>
■ Length (natural length): 30mm
■ Number of turns: 6.5
■ Shrink tube color ID : Blue

◆HT リア スプリング マッチング表
◆ HT rear spring matching table

ダンパーの取付位置を決めたら、ボディーを載せた状態でのリアの車重を測定し、マッチング表を参考に スプリングを選択して下さい。
もちろん このマッチング表がすべてではありませんが、この選定を基準に お好みのセッティングを見つけて頂ければと思います。
A table has been prepared to make the selection of springs easier to understand.
The first thing is to select the lower arm damper mounting position. The damper has a milder characteristic when installed outside, and a quicker characteristic when installed inside. After deciding the mounting position of the damper, measure the rear side of vehicle weight with the body mounted, and select the spring referring to the matching table.
This matching table is not exact perfect for all, but we hope that you can find your favorite setting based on this matching table.

◆識別用 熱収縮チューブ
◆ Heat shrink tube for identification

スプリングの識別に便利な 熱収縮チューブを同梱しました。
A heat-shrinkable tube is bundled for easy identification of springs.
(* Hard: Red, Medium Hard: Yellow, Medium Soft: Green, Soft: Blue)
Cut it to your desired length, attach it to the spring with reference to the image, warm it with a drier in order to fix it (※ Please be careful of burns when using a drier on high heat)

◆All in one set is avail

HT リア スプリング(4種類)と 2WS フロント スプリング(1種類)が 収納に便利な専用BOXに入った オールインワンセット【RD-006AS、¥3,500(税別)】もラインナップ!
A special full box set【RD-006AS、3,500JPY】 is also available with a set of all 5 types of 2WD front and HT rear springs. By using this all in one box set of springs, you can easy to carry all the springs to enjoy various course layouts, road surface.

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