D1-CG-SD1【RDX用 カーボンサイドデッキ(2個入)】¥2,400(税別)

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RDX用 カーボン製 サイドデッキです!
圧倒的な走行性能の向上とスタイリッシュさを兼ね備えた、カーボン製 サイドデッキを是非お試しください!

■キット純正の樹脂シャーシに装着の場合、別途RC-CL-120アルミ製カラー Φ3×Φ6,12mmとネジ類が必要となります。

■FRP製シャーシ / 後日発売予定のカーボンシャーシに装着の場合、別途RC-PT-200アルミ製ポスト Φ6,20mmとネジ類が必要となります。

D1-CG-SD1【 RDX Carbon Graphite Side Deck(2pcs.)】2,400 JPY

Carbon Graphite side deck for RDX

Introducing the new side deck made of 2mm thick twill weave carbon which enable RDX to be more competitive machine by improving the pitching rigidity of the machine and providing appropriate flexibility
In addition to the kit standard plastic chassis and black FRP chassis, it can also be installed on a carbon chassis that will be released soon.

Furthermore, by attaching an aluminum collar and aluminum post (sold separately) to the main chassis, you can easily adjust the pitch and roll of the chassis, giving you a sense of stability when drifting that suits your course, skill, and road surface conditions. You can instantly adjust the kick-off feeling when you push the throttle.

Please try the carbon side deck, which contribute overwhelmingly improved your driving performance and style!

※The battery is only capable for short Li-Po horizontal installation

■If installed on the kit’s genuine resin chassis, a separate RC-CL-120 aluminum collar Φ3 x Φ6, 12mm and screws are required.

■FRP chassis / When installing on a carbon chassis scheduled to be released at a later date, a separate RC-PT-200 aluminum post Φ6, 20mm and screws are required.

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