D1-016F【RDX用 アルミ製 フロントボディポスト(マグネット用、2個入)】¥1,150(税別)

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マグネットでボディを固定したいユーザーに最適な、RDX用のアルミ製 フロントボディポストです。
ボディのマグネット固定に便利なアルミ製 フロントマグネットポストを是非お試し下さい!

D-016F【RDX Front Body Post】¥1,150(excluding tax)

Aluminum front body post for RDX
An aluminum front body post ideal for users who want to fix the body with magnets.
By attaching it to the body mount base used at the base of the RDX bumper and mounting it on the upper bulkhead mount, the heavy magnet can be installed in the center of the chassis instead of at the edge of the chassis, it will also contribute for weight reduction at front section.
The bottom part of the lightweight aluminum post is SE (shiny edge) processed to create a luxurious appearance.
Please try the aluminum front magnet post that is convenient for fixing the magnet on the body!
※This product is only an aluminum post.
Please prepare magnets and spacers separately according to the body you are using.

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