RB-50RSB 【7.4V 5000mAh ショートタイプLi-Poバッテリー】¥11,000(税別)

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安定したパワーと高品質で人気のRêve D Li-Poバッテリーに 大容量 5000mAhが登場!
現行の RB-37SB(3700mAh)バッテリーと比較して重量は約60gアップとなりますので、シャーシの重量バランス調整や、大会の重量レギュレーション等へ対応させることも可能です。
ドリフトのみならず、オフロードやオンロードカテゴリーでも使用可能な RB-50RSバッテリーを是非お試し下さい!

◆ケースサイズ:46.5mm × 96.0mm × 25.0mm


RB-50RSB【 7.4V 5000mAh Short Li-Po Battery 】8,800 JPY

Introducing a large capacity 5000mAh Li-Po battery with stable power and high quality!
Equipped with 100C high power delivery and large capacity 5000mAh for longer runtime.
Coming in the standard shorty size of (46.5 x 96.0 x 25.0mm)
Compared to the current RB-37SB (3700mAh) battery there is a weight difference of around 60g.
Making it possible to adjust the weight balance of the chassis and to comply with the minimum weight regulations at some competitions.
Please try the RB-50RS battery that can be used not only for drifting but also for off-road and on-road categories!

<Main specifications>
◆C value:Continuous 100C(Instantaneous maximum 200C)
◆Connector:Φ4mm(plus side, minus side same diameter)
◆Case size:46.5mm × 96.0mm × 25.0mm
◆Weight: 216g
◆PSE standard compliant product
※Please use the optional battery holder spacer M1-118S6 (6mm thick) when install at MC-1

Product Code:RB-50RSB
JAN Code:4582586514912
Price without tax:¥11,000

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