D1-BFS01/02 【RDX用 ブラックFRP メインシャーシ&サイドデッキセット】¥6,800/¥1,800(税別)

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RDX用 ブラックFRP製 メインシャーシ&サイドデッキセットと、サイドデッキセットです!
シンプルなデザインの中に圧倒的な走行性能の向上とスタイリッシュさを兼ね備えた、ブラックFRP製 メインシャーシ&サイドデッキセットを是非お試しください!

◆D1-BFS01:RDX用 ブラックFRP メインシャーシ&サイドデッキセット ¥6,800(税別)
◆D1-BFS02:RDX用 ブラックFRP サイドデッキセット ¥1,800(税別)
◆D1-BF-MC:RDX用 ブラックFRP メインシャーシ ¥4,500(税別)
◆RC-CL-120:アルミ製 カラー(Φ3×Φ6、12mm、2個入) ¥500(税別)
◆RC-PT200:アルミ製 ポスト(Φ6×20mm、2個入) ¥600(税別)

D1-BFS01/02【RDX Black FRP Main Chassis & Side Deck Set】¥6,800~¥1,800(excluding tax)

Black FRP main chassis & side deck set and side deck set for RDX are now available!
The main chassis(2.5mm) and side decks(2.0mm), which use cool black FRP, make the RDX run more competitive by increasing the machine’s pitching rigidity and providing moderate flexibility.
In addition to the RDX standard hole positions on the main chassis, service holes that can be used with some MC-1 parts have also been drilled, making it highly scalable.
By attaching the side deck set to the composite resin main chassis, it improves the rigidity in the pitching direction while taking advantage of the advantage of the genuine chassis that is easy to maneuver, and the feeling of kicking out when the throttle is turned on is more improved.
Please try the black FRP main chassis & side deck set, which combines overwhelming driving performance and stylishness!
※The battery is only compatible with short Li-Po horizontal placement.

<Product Lineup>
◆D1-BFS01:RDX Black FRP Chassis & Side Deck Set ¥6,800 (without tax)
◆D1-BFS02:RDX Black FRP Side Deck Set ¥1,800 (without tax)
<Spare Parts>
◆D1-BF-MC:RDX Black FRP Main Chassis ¥4,500 (without tax)
◆RC-CL-120:Alu. Collar(Φ3×Φ6、12mm、2pcs. ) ¥500 (without tax)
◆RC-PT200:Alu. Post(Φ6×20mm、2pcs. ) ¥600 (without tax)

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