D1-BF-MC 【RDX用 ブラックFRP メインシャーシ】¥4,500(税別)

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RDXに使用可能なブラックFRP製 メインシャーシです。
長期間テスト走行を繰り返し行い形状や厚みを決定した精悍なブラックFRPを採用したメインシャーシ(2.5mm厚)は、別売りのD1-BFS02 サイドデッキ(2.0mm厚)と組合わせることで、マシンのピッチング剛性アップと適度な柔軟性を両立し、RDXの走りをよりコンペティティブに変貌させます。

D1-BF-MC【RDX Black FRP Main Chassis 】¥4,500(excluding tax)

Black FRP main chassis that can be used for RDX.
The main chassis (2.5mm thick), which uses a fearless black FRP whose shape and thickness have been determined by repeated long-term test runs, is combined with the separately sold D1-BFS02 side deck (2.0mm thick) to reduce the pitching of the machine. Both increased rigidity and moderate flexibility make the RDX run more competitive.
In addition to the RDX standard hole positions on the main chassis, service holes that can be used with some MC-1 parts have also been drilled, making it highly scalable.
It can be used as a replacement part during maintenance or as an upgrade for those who already have a side deck.
※The battery is only compatible with short Li-Po horizontal placement.

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