RJ-12S【Rêve D ピットマット2 (Sサイズ)】¥3,500(税別)

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Rêve D ピットマット2 (Sサイズ)です。
製品サイズはサーキットやご自宅の机でも使いやすい 600×400mmを採用。
表側にはワンポイントの Rêve D ロゴをプリントで施し、裏側には使用時のマットのズレを防ぐドット状のゴム加工を施しました。

RJ-12S【Rêve D Pit mat 2(S size)】¥3,500(excluding tax)

By placing it on the pit table during setup and maintenance of the RC car, it prevents small parts from rolling or being lost, and the table from getting dirty or scratched.
The product size is 600 x 400 mm, which is just the right size for easy use on circuits and home desks.
The one-point RêveD logo is printed on the bottom right of the front surface, and the back side has a dot-shaped rubber finish to prevent the mat from shifting during use.
In addition, the material is synthetic leather that is resistant to chemicals such as cleaners.
Please enjoy premium and stylish RC life with this pit mat!

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