RD-018【アルミ製 サーボマウント(SE加工、2個入)】¥1,700(税別)

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高級感と所有感にあふれるSE加工(シャイニー エッジ加工)を施した、アルミ製のサーボ マウントです。

RD-018【Alu. Servo Mount (SE Processing、2pcs.)】¥1,700(without tax each)

An aluminum servo mount with SE processing (Shiny Edge processing) that is full of luxury and ownership.
Lightweight / high-rigidity aluminum material has been lightened to the utmost limit to achieve a weight of approximately 1.1g per piece while maintaining rigidity.
It is an effective part for more accurately demonstrating the ability of the servo and reducing the weight of the machine.

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