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RD-020-0/26/021-0【HT リアロアアーム (42mm、45mm)】¥4,000~¥5,000(税別)

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最高のリアトラクションを実現すべく、Rêve D 開発チームが様々な素材、形状、寸法によるテストを実施して完成させた HT(High Traction)リア ロアアームです!
※42mmにはロングタイプサスマウント(#8/#9、タイプTK #8/#9)がおススメです!


◆M2タッピングビス ×4本(アウターサスピン固定用)
◆POM製 6mm厚スペーサー ×2個

◆RD-020-0:HT リアロアアーム(42mm、キャスター角0度)¥4,000(税別)
◆RD-020-26:HT リアロアアーム(42mm、キャスター角2.6度)¥5,000(税別)
◆RD-021-0:HT リアロアアーム(45mm、キャスター角0度)¥4,000(税別)
◆RD-009M:HT リアロアアーム用 メンテナンスセット ¥200(税別)
(メンテナンスセット内容:M2タッピングビス ×4本、6mmスペーサー ×2個)

RD-020-0/26/021-0【HT Rear Lower arm 】¥4,000~5,000(excluding tax)

Introducing the HT rear lower arm that brings the best rear traction!
The HT rear lower arm, which is machined from lightweight and highly rigid DURACON (POM) material, achieves a highly precise finish and dramatically smooth suspension movement.
There are two lengths, 42mm and 45mm. In addition to the caster angle of 0 degrees, the 42mm has a caster angle of 2.6 degrees with an inclination on the outer pin side.
As a unique feature, the 42mm and 45mm arms with a caster angle of 0 degrees adopt a reversible structure, and two types of damper mounting heights can be selected by exchanging the left and right.
The 42mm caster 2.6 degrees type can increase traction without hindering the sinking of the suspension by tilting the knuckle forward without adding a skid angle.
We especially recommend using it in combination with the long type suspension mounts (#8/#9, type TK#8/#9) that are on sale at the same time. Please try the HT rear lower arm that achieves the best traction performance!

<Accessible chassis>
◆RDX etc. Inner suspension pin can be used for Φ3mm and outer suspension pin is Φ2mm.

<Accessories for HT rear lower arms>
◆M2 tapping screw x 4 pieces (for fixing outer suspension pins)
◆POM 6mm thick spacer x 2 pieces
Please use the included 6mm width spacer or others in accordance with the suspension arm width on your car

<Product Lineup>
◆RD-020-0: HT Rear lower arm (42mm) 4,000 yen (without tax)
◆RD-020-26: HT Rear lower arm (42mm) 5,000 yen (without tax)
◆RD-021-0: HT Rear lower arm (45mm) 4,000 yen (without tax)
◆RD-009M: Maintenance set for HT rear lower arm 200 yen (without tax)
(Maintenance set content: M2 tapping screw x 4 pieces, 6mm spacer x 2 pieces)

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