D1-118A【RDX用 アルミ製 バッテリーストッパー (2組入)】¥1,800(税別)

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MC-1でご好評を頂いた軽量&スタイリッシュなアルミ製 バッテリーストッパーを、RDXへの装着に必要なパーツに厳選し新たにSE(シャイニーエッジ)加工を施しました。
バッテリー交換の手軽さと高級感を大幅に向上させる、アルミ製 バッテリーストッパーを是非お試し下さい!


D1-118A【Alu. Battery Stopper for RDX 】¥1,800(excluding tax)

The lightweight and stylish aluminum battery stopper which has been well received by MC-1 users, has been optimized for RDX and has undergone SE (shiny edge) processing.
The sharp shape and SE (shiny edge) processing applied to the edges improve the sense of quality by sharpening the functions to the utmost limit while holding the battery firmly and aiming for weight reduction.
Please try the aluminum battery stopper, which greatly improves the ease and luxury of battery replacement!

When installing 2 pcs. on one side (4 pcs. in total), 2 sets of this product are required.
two sets are attached to one side, but it is possible to hold the battery even if one set is attached to each side.
Please adjust the spacer separately according to the size of the battery to be used.
※The SE-processed stopper parts have the same shape as the parts attached to the MC-1 battery stopper (M1-118A, M1-118B).

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