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M1-RA-05P【M1-RAC用 リア ナックル プレート】¥600(税別)

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【M1-RAC(MC-1用 リアAアームコンバージョンセット)】用リア ナックル プレートです。
M1-RA-05 リアナックルへの取付位置を3箇所から選択可能な他、RFサスマウントからのリンケージ取付位置も3箇所から選択可能。

M1-RA-05P【Alu. Rear Knuckle Plate for M1-RAC】¥600(excluding tax)

Rear knuckle plate for M1-RAC (Rear A arm conversion set)
Applied lightweight / highly rigid aluminum material.
It is a common part for the left and right, and one product is included.
In addition to being able to select the mounting position for M1-RA-05 rear knuckle from three positions, the linkage mounting position from the RF suspension mount can also be selected from three positions.
You can easily set up the toe angle adjustment when bumping.
Please use it for replacement or maintenance when it is damaged due to a crash.

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