RT-022-06/08/10【SPM チタン製 大径ボタンヘッドスクリュー(M3×6mm/8mm/10mm)】各¥1,050(税別)

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超高精度マシンカットを施した大人気のSPM(スーパー プレシジョン マシンカット)チタンシリーズの大径ボタンヘッドスクリューです!


輝きのある仕上がりでマシンの高級感もアップする SPMチタン製大径ボタンヘッドスクリューを是非お試しください。

◆RT-022-06:SPMチタン製 M3×6mm 大径ボタンヘッド スクリュー(4個入)¥1,050(税別)
◆RT-022-08:SPMチタン製 M3×8mm 大径ボタンヘッド スクリュー(4個入)¥1,050(税別)
◆RT-022-10:SPMチタン製 M3×10mm 大径ボタンヘッド スクリュー(4個入)¥1,050(税別)

RT-022-06/08/10【SPM Titanium Large Diameter BH Screw M3×6mm/8mm/10mm】¥1,050(excluding tax)

A large diameter button head screw is now available in the popular SPM (Super Precision Machine Cut) titanium series with ultra-high precision machine cut!

By making the shape of the screw head with larger, with a diameter of 7 mm, it is possible to securely fix parts without using washers or load spreaders.
The screw, which is processed with high precision using a lightweight and highly rigid titanium material, not only reduces the weight of your machine, but also enables  accurate machine build-up.

Please try SPM Titanium Large Diameter Button Head Screw, which gives a brilliant finish and enhances the luxury of the machine.

<Product Lineup>
◆RT-022-06:SPM Titanum M3×6mm Large Diameter BH Screw(4pcs.)¥1,050(without tax)
◆RT-022-08:SPM Titanum M3×8mm Large Diameter BH Screw(4pcs.)¥1,050(without tax)
◆RT-022-10:SPM Titanum M3×10mm Large Diameter BH Screw(4pcs.)¥1,050(without tax)
※RT-022-06 is the same screw as RT-002 motor screw
Can be tightened with a 2 mm size hexagonal screwdriver

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