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M1-RA-T20/25/30 【M1-RAC用 チタン製 M3/M4 ターンバックル(20mm/25mm/30mm)】¥950/¥1,000/¥1,200(税別)

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【M1-RAC】MC-1用 リアAアーム コンバージョンのロアアームに使用する、オプションのチタン製M3/M4ターンバックルです。


◆M1-RA-T20:チタン製 M3/M4 ターンバックル(20mm)¥950(税別)
◆M1-RA-T25:チタン製 M3/M4 ターンバックル(25mm)¥1,000(税別)
◆M1-RA-T30:チタン製 M3/M4 ターンバックル(30mm)¥1,200(税別)

M1-RA-T20/25/30【M1-RAC Ti M3/M4 Turnbuckles 20mm/25mm/30mm】¥950/\1,000/1,200(without tax each)

This is the optional titanium M3 / M4 turnbuckle for the lower arm of M1-RAC Rear A arm conversion set, which can be replaced with the genuine iron turnbuckle of the kit standard.
Three types of length are available so that you can select the length according to the preferred setting and the width of the vehicle.
Please use it for replacement, setting change, maintenance,  and especially when it is damaged due to a crash.

※Due to the nature of the tar buckle, the screw pitch on the M4 side is the same as the screw pitch on the M3 side.

◆M1-RA-T20:Titanium M3/M4 Turanbuckles(20mm)¥950(excluding tax)
◆M1-RA-T25:Titanium M3/M4 Turanbuckles(25mm)¥1,000(excluding tax)
◆M1-RA-T30:Titanium M3/M4 Turanbuckles(30mm)¥1,200(excluding tax)

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