M1-002【MC-1用 カーボン製 メインシャーシ】¥11,000(税別)

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【MC-1】用 カーボン製 メインシャーシです。
走行テストを繰り返し行い決定した 軽量高剛性 2.5mm厚カーボン素材を採用し、適度なしなりと剛性でトラクションを左右するロール/ピッチング性能を最適化したデザインとなっています。

M1-002【MC-1 Graphite Main Chassis】\11,000 (without tax)

Carbon main chassis for [MC-1].

We chose a lightweight, high
rigidity 2.5mm thick carbon material that has been selected through the driving tests in several locations in Japan and outside in other countries.
It’s design optimize roll / pitching performance that affects traction with moderate flexibility and rigidity.
It will be suitable for a wide range of road surface conditions, from low-grip colored concrete/ P tile to relatively high-grip asphalt / carpet track surfaces.
The rear part of the chassis is also equipped with a channel for passing ESC wiring, which contributes to a simple and beautiful build every time!

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