【お知らせ】千葉ロッテ マリーンズ オフィシャルスポンサー契約締結 / Chiba LOTTE Marines Official Sponsor Contract Concluded

Rêve Dはこの度 千葉ロッテマリーンズと2022シーズンのオフィシャルスポンサー契約を締結しました。



Chiba LOTTE Marines Official Sponsor Contract Concluded

Signed an official sponsorship contract with Chiba Lotte Marines for the 2022 season.

Since our company was established in October 2019, we have set up our office in Chiba and have been developing and manufacturing radio-controlled drift cars with the aim of becoming a friendly brand that values encounters with all customers.
Now we are one of the sponsors of the Chiba Lotte Marines (Japan professional baseball team)
The Marines has the following action guideline,
“Be professional”
“Be competitive”
“Always enjoy”
“Always respect all”
These action themes are in line with our ideal corporate culture and we want to develop into a company that can always enjoy challenges, contribute to local Chiba, and convey joy of RC car and excitement to customers all over the world.

We will make this collaboration and proceed the RC Drift promotional event at their professional baseball game at Marines ball park this year.