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M2-118TP【MC-Ⅱ用 カーボン製 トラクションプレート(ポスト2個付)】¥1,500(税別)

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【MC-Ⅱ】用 カーボン製 トラクションプレートです。
軽量、高剛性な 2.5mm厚カーボン素材を使用。
製品はカーボン製 トラクションプレートの他、アルミ製のポスト2個が付属します。

M2-118TP【MC-Ⅱ CG Traction Plate(inc. Posts)】\1,500 (without tax)

Carbon traction plate for [MC-II].
Lightweight and highly rigid 2.5mm thick carbon material has applied.
It increases the pitching rigidity of the machine and creates a strong kick at the corner exit.
By changing the mounting direction, it is possible to change the mounting position of the battery.
The left-right balance of the machine can be adjusted.
In addition to the carbon traction plate, two aluminum posts are also included.

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