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M2-018【MC-Ⅱ用 カーボン製 リアショックタワー】¥1,800(税別)

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【MC-Ⅱ】用 カーボン製 リアショックタワーです。
軽量、高剛性な 4.0mm厚カーボン素材を採用。

M2-018【MC-Ⅱ Graphite Rear Shock Tower】\1,800 (without tax)

Carbon rear shock tower for [MC-II].
Lightweight and highly rigid,  4.0mm thick carbon material has selected.
For the case of ESC mount on rear, the area where the wiring can be neatly organized is placed in the center.
The shock mounting position can be selected from 10 locations on each side. Body posts can be attached to both ends.

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