【お知らせ】MC-1モータープレートに関するお知らせ / Notice regarding MC-1 motor plate


MC-1につきましては、弊社製 ABSOLUTE 1モーターをベースに開発を行ってきました為、ABSOLUTE 1モーターはもちろん、取付穴ピッチがABSOLUTE 1モーターと同じ寸法(25.4mm)のモーターにつきましては取り付けることが可能となっておりますが、取付穴ピッチの異なる寸法(25.0mm等)のモーターにつきましては取り付けられないことが判明致しました。




弊社と致しましても今後このようなことが起きないよう精進して参りますので、今後ともRêve Dをよろしくお願い致します。

Rêve D 一同

[Notice regarding MC-1 motor plate]

Regarding the motor plate included in the MC-1 kit (slide rack specification / bell crank specification) currently on sale, we have to inform you that some particular motors cannot be installed due to the difference on the mounting hole pitch.

MC-1 has been developed with our new motor Absolute 1 and other major brand motors and having with 25.4mm pitch, however some motor especially at Japan domestic brands were with 25.0mm.

Currently, we are preparing the updated motor plate to maximize the adaption, and it will take about 10 days to 2 weeks to complete the preparation.

For customers who are considering using a motor that is not compatible now, we would appreciate it if you could understand the situation and wait for the updated part.
Once ready, we will announce it on this website, Facebook, blog, and deliver to our genuine distributors and shops in world wide.

We will do our best for the customer who purchase RêveD products.