【お知らせ】Rêve D オフィシャルチーム メンバーリスト公開!/Rêve D official team member list released!

Rêve D 製品の良さを広めることはもちろん、RCドリフトの楽しさを広めるべく、また、お困りのユーザー様をサポートすべく、世界中で活躍している Rêve D オフィシャルチームの メンバーリストを公開しました。


イベント、サポート、SNSや YouTube等での情報発信等、世界各地で活躍する チーム Rêve D メンバーの活躍に 是非ご期待下さい!

【 Notice 】 Rêve D official team member list released!

We are excited to make this announcement for members of Team RêveD who will deliver the joy of RC drift worldwide as well as promoting RêveD and assisting our customers around the world.

The members are good drivers but also have good ability to support the customers questions and are all approachable. We will not only participate in events, but will also go to RC circuits in various regions, so please do not hesitate to contact us when you see us there!

Please look forward to meet up with Team RêveD members who are active all over the world, such as event participation, user support, information transmission on Social media, YouTube and so on.