【新製品】R-tune 2WS フロントスプリング新登場!/New release of R-tune 2WS Front Spring


既に RD-006F 2WS フロントスプリング でも定評のある 2WS(ツーウェイショート)構造の採用により、スプリングの上下を入替えることで瞬時にセッティングの変更も可能となります。



[New product] New R-tune 2WS Front Spring!

Introducing a new front spring that applied the new “SWO” material

Based on the concept of “a competition spring for winning.” We have carefully examined the materials and lined up 2 types, “soft” and “hard”, which can be selected according to the driving situation. With the 2-way structure, the springs can be flipped up and down to instantly adjust to the circuit track conditions.

The first release will be in early November
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