【新製品】最高のトラクションを実現!HTリアロアアーム新登場!/New HT Rear Lower Arm!

最高のリアトラクションを実現すべく、Rêve D 開発チームが様々な素材、形状、寸法にてテストを続けてきた HT(High Traction)リア ロアアームがついに完成しました!

軽量高剛性なジュラコン(POM)素材から切削加工にて製作した HT リア ロアアームは仕上がりも高精度、サスペンションの動きも飛躍的に高まります。


[New product] Realise the best traction! New HT Rear Lower Arms!

The HT (High Traction) rear lower arms, which has been tested by the Rêve D development team with various materials, shapes and dimensions, has finally been completed to achieve the best rear traction!

The HT rear lower arms, which are made from a lightweight and highly rigid Duracon (POM) has been CNC precision cut, has a highly accurate finish and dramatically improves suspension movement.
Furthermore, by using a reversible design, the damper mounting height can be selected from two types and can be easily adjusted according to the road surface conditions and the driving style.

There are three types of lengths: 45 mm, 48 mm, and 51 mm. Please select according to your body width and suspension mount width.

Release is scheduled for late June!
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