M1-304PA【MC-1用 アルミ製 モータープレート】¥1,800(税別)

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【MC-1】用 アルミ製モータープレートです。

M1-304PA 【MC-1 Alu. Motor Plate】\1,800 (without tax)

Aluminum motor plate for [MC-1].
The 3mm thick aluminum motor plate balances rigidity and weight reduction.
It transmits the power of the motor to the spur gear precisely.
By fixing it to the gearbox with a special larger fixing, the motor mounting height can be adjusted in 3 steps up and down without removing the spur gear, and the balance of the center of gravity of the machine can be changed instantly.
Since the end of the motor bearing is exposed, it is easy to lubricate the motor.

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