【新製品】フロントアクスル用 オプションパーツ新登場!

RD-005 ASLフロントアクスルセット に、セッティングの幅を広げる 真鍮製 ホイールスペーサーが新登場します!


Rêve D 開発チームが 多くのテスト走行を行い、最適な重量を導き出した 真鍮製ホイール スペーサーを是非お試しください!


【New product】Releasing new option parts for ASL front axle!

New setting parts, brass wheel spacers made for ASL front axle (RD-005)!

By adding an appropriate amount of weight to the front axle, it is possible to enter the inside line while maintaining stability on slower speed tight corners and enhance the ability on the outside line of high speed corners.
It is suitable for intermediate to advanced drivers as an optional setting according to the course environment. They will also help beginner to intermediate drivers as an option part to achieve additional stability when cornering.

The product will be ready in the end of August!

Please enjoy the new brass space which weight was carefully optimized in accordance with the plenty of field test by the development team at Rêve D.

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